Our Farm

John 1:46 “And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth?
Philip saith unto him, Come and see.”

Mr Grimes has seved 16 years in prison. He wants to start a foodtruck business. He loves to cook.

Theological Approach

 The city was small, isolated and considered of no political importance. In Jesus’ day, Nazareth is viewed as a backwater agricultural village from which nothing good can come. To be from Nazareth brings scorn and ridicule. 

Nazareth was one of the most unlikely places in which to raise the Messiah. Here is where Jesus was able to learn a trade as a carpenter, and it was where he was rejected by his own people. Nazareth represents our people, rejected because of their background.

Therapeutic Approach

Farming is reported to have the ability to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety symptoms. This nature-based approach will promote well-being for people with mental health problems through a range of green activities such as gardening and caring for animals. 

A core value of Nazareth Farms is to engage our community through leadership training, active participation, team building and the opportunity to gain new skills and competencies. 

Nazareth Farms will help individuals strengthen their mental capacity to obtain and sustain jobs, while the leadership and farm skills training provides practical skills to attaining self-sustenance.


Our pasture. We will raise cows, goats and hogs.