Terry Gartrell

Terry Gartrell, Director

                       Mrs. Gartrell serves the role of Director and Lead Therapist for Saved by Grace Ministries. Her duties consist of overall management, operation and consult to our clients and to ensure  satisfaction and outcomes are met through our multi-disciplinary team collaboration.With 23+ years of experience strengthening individuals, families, and communities through counseling, advocacy, and outreach, Mrs. Gartrell offers a proven track record of assessing needs, developing individualized plans of action, and serving as a partner in reaching goals.


                  Earlier in her career, Mrs. Gartrell served in a variety of capacities including as a human services worker for the Community Partnership for the Protection of Children in Jacksonville, Florida. As a community liaison, Mrs. Gartrell worked one-on-one with families and children in target communities to build parental competencies through proactive intervention, individual counseling, and facilitation of community-building neighborhood network meetings.Mrs. Gartrell has had the opportunity to work with such organizations as social service agencies, nonprofit outreach centers, churches, correctional facilities, and higher education institutions. In her role as counselor, mentor, teacher, and coach, Mrs. Gartrell has worked with children and adults to define issues, change at-risk behavior, and provide the lessons to help each navigate their path to balance, harmony, and personal fulfillment.


               As a Professional Mental Health Counselor, Certified Temperament Counselor, and Certified Life Coach Mrs. Gartrell founded NuVision Consulting, offering services across the lifespan spectrum. Through individualized needs assessments, working with an entire family to define prevalent and underlying concerns, Mrs. Gartrell works with clients to establish an action plan, build cohesion and collaboration, and ensure achievement of goals. Mrs. Gartrell currently maintains a private counseling agency that offers professional counseling, life coaching, and supportive services.  This platform enables her to serve in private practice as well as community health. Her most popular service solutions include: individual, conjoint, family, and group counseling; workshops; and community forums.